About Us
Tri-State Machinery NW, Inc. was founded in April 2000 by Larry and Candy Graves. We settled in Washington State in 1983 and have been involved in the woodworking industry since 1966. Woodworking is not a pastime for us, it's our life! We market excellence with a variety of top-named manufactured equipment. Please browse our equipment links and other information on the left navigation pane to learn about the variety of quality woodworking and plastics machinery we offer.


Mission Statement
We try very hard not to be "just another machinery supplier." There was a company in El Paso, Texas, named Tri-State Machinery of El Paso. The Company was very successful because of the founder and owner of the company, Mr. Sylvan Gray. The Company and Sylvan are legends in the Woodworking Industry. Sylvan, his son, Tom, his daughter-in-law, Marilyn, and his wife, Jo, started the company in the 1970's in El Paso, Texas. Sylvan had the philosophy that if you ALWAYS treated people the way you wanted to be treated and you NEVER took advantage of them, eventually you would be very successful. He really was successful in every part of his life. Sylvan was a fine Christian gentleman who always had fun helping people with their machinery requirements. I have named my company with the permission of Jo Gray after Sylvan's Company. I hope that Larry D. Graves and Tri-State Machinery NW, Inc. will be remembered in the same manner.