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Reversible Grooving Inserts - Carbide Tipped
SKU: 307807
SKU Size Art Area Dimensions mm Rotation1 +  
307807N/AN/A48x3.0x16L.H.$54.80Add To Cart
307808N/AN/A48x3.0x16R.H.$54.80Add To Cart
307809N/AN/A48x3.0x16L.H.$63.60Add To Cart
307810N/AN/A48x3.0x16R.H.$63.60Add To Cart
307813N/AN/A48x3.0x16L.H.$57.35Add To Cart
307814N/AN/A48x3.0x16R.H.$59.80Add To Cart
307817N/AN/A48x6.36x16L.H.$69.60Add To Cart
307818N/AN/A48x6.36x16R.H.$69.60Add To Cart
307831N/AN/A60x4.0x16L.H.$79.60Add To Cart
307832N/AN/A60x4.0x16R.H.$79.60Add To Cart
307835N/AN/A60x5.0x16L.H.$79.60Add To Cart
307836N/AN/A60x5.0x16R.H.$79.60Add To Cart
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