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Helical Staggered Tooth Finish Toolheads - Steel
SKU: 1T476
-Surface treated steel body helical toolhead with 4-6-8 helices
-Spiral and staggered design enables heavy stock removal with or against the wood grain
-Toolheads can be custom made with spurs on one or both sides for tenoning and rabbet cuts
-Reversible tungsten carbide inserts with 4 cutting edges

-For surface planing, jointing, and preplaning in solid wood on the 1st bottom spindle
-Ideal for machining curved furniture components
-On shapers, double-end tenoners, surface planers and moulders

Other sizes available upon request up to a maximum diameter of 300mm and 4-6-8-10 helices.
SKU Size Art Area Diam 0D mm Kerf B mm Bore 0d mm Max Bore 0d mm No. helices No. Insert Knives RPM Min-Max1 +  
1T47601N/AN/A80891-1/4"354149500-16000$795.30Add To Cart
1T47603N/AN/A1001021-1/4"404167500-13000$1012.25Add To Cart
1T47605N/AN/A12510240604166000-10000$1084.60Add To Cart
1T47606N/AN/A12512740604206000-10000$1218.85Add To Cart
1T47607N/AN/A125151.540604246000-10000$1388.15Add To Cart
1T47608N/AN/A12517740604286000-10000$1435.70Add To Cart
1T47609N/AN/A12522740604366000-10000$1776.45Add To Cart
1T47610N/AN/A12510240606276000-10000$1208.45Add To Cart
1T47612N/AN/A125151.540606366000-10000$1466.75Add To Cart
1T47613N/AN/A12517740606426000-10000$1580.25Add To Cart
1T47614N/AN/A12522740606546000-10000$1972.75Add To Cart
1T47615N/AN/A14010240606275500-9500$1301.40Add To Cart
1T47616N/AN/A14012740606305500-9500$1435.70Add To Cart
1T47617N/AN/A140151.540606365500-9500$1508.15Add To Cart
1T47618N/AN/A14017740606425500-9500$1621.65Add To Cart
1T47619N/AN/A14022740606545500-9500$2065.75Add To Cart
1T47620N/AN/A14010240608325500-9500$1631.85Add To Cart
1T47621N/AN/A14012740608405500-9500$1786.80Add To Cart
1T47622N/AN/A140151.540608485500-9500$1848.80Add To Cart
1T47623N/AN/A14017740608565500-9500$1996.60Add To Cart
1T47624N/AN/A14022740608725500-9500$2582.05Add To Cart
1T76011N/AN/A12512740606306000-10000$1268.30Add To Cart
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