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Multi Purpose Slotting Cutter Set
SKU: R4162
-Multi-purpose cutter set with four cutters and bearing guide enables you to cut grooves and dados from 1/8" to 23/32" wide, in increments of 0.1mm (.004")
-Tongue and groove can also be achieved with proper set-up

Standard Set Consists Of:
Marked Single Cutter A - Width 1/8" (3.2mm) R3903
Marked Single Cutter B - Width 5/32" (4.0mm) R3903-1
Marked Single Cutter C - Width 3/16 (4.8mm) R2303-2
Marked Single Cutter D - Width 1/4" (6.35mm) R3904
Arbor with Nut (1 Piece) AR11
Ball Bearing B5
Spacer 6.0mm (1 Piece)WF618
Spacer 1.0mm (5 Pieces) WF608
Shim 0.5mm (4 Pieces) WF606
Shim 0.1mm (10 Pieces) WF604

All washers and shims are 5/8" diam. x 5/16" bore.

A full 3/4" Cut can be achieved using one additional cutter 5/32" width (cutter B) R3903-1 (sold seperately)
SKU Size Art Area Cutting Diam. Max. Wood Thickness Shank Diam. No. Teeth1 +  
R4162N/AN/A1 7/8"1/8" to 23/32"1/2"2$126.40Add To Cart
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