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Slotting Cutters Only 1-7/8" Diameter
SKU: R3900
SKU Size Art Area Kerf Cutting Diameter Number of Wings1 +  
R3900N/AN/A1/16" (1.6mm)1 7/8"2$26.05Add To Cart
R3900-1N/AN/A0.065" (1.65mm)1 7/8"2$32.00Add To Cart
R3900-3N/AN/A0.075" (1.9mm)1 7/8"2$44.25Add To Cart
R3901N/AN/A5/64" (1.98mm)1 7/8"2$26.40Add To Cart
R3902N/AN/A3/32" (2.4mm)1 7/8"2$27.65Add To Cart
R3902-1N/AN/A0.110" (2.8mm)1 7/8"2$45.20Add To Cart
R3903N/AN/A1/8" (3.2mm)1 7/8"2$27.05Add To Cart
R3903-1N/AN/A5/32" (4.0mm)1 7/8"2$29.40Add To Cart
R3903-2N/AN/A3/16" (4.8mm)1 7/8"2$29.80Add To Cart
R3904N/AN/A1/4" (6.35mm)1 7/8"2$30.40Add To Cart
R4000N/AN/A1/16" (1.6mm)1 7/8"3$21.90Add To Cart
R4000-1N/AN/A0.065" (1.65mm)1 7/8"3$23.95Add To Cart
R4000AN/AN/A0.055" (1.4mm)1 7/8"3$30.50Add To Cart
R4001N/AN/A0.070" (1.80mm)1 7/8"3$22.55Add To Cart
R4001-1N/AN/A0.075" (1.9mm)1 7/8"3$22.55Add To Cart
R4002N/AN/A5/64" (1.98mm)1 7/8"3$22.30Add To Cart
R4002-1N/AN/A0.085" (2.16mm)1 7/8"3$24.15Add To Cart
R4003N/AN/A3/32" (2.4mm)1 7/8"3$23.15Add To Cart
R4003-1N/AN/A0.110" (2.8mm)1 7/8"3$24.15Add To Cart
R4005N/AN/A1/8" (3.2mm)1 7/8"3$24.70Add To Cart
R4005-1N/AN/A5/32" (4.0mm)1 7/8"3$25.35Add To Cart
R4005-AN/AN/A0.140" (3.6mm)1 7/8"3$26.40Add To Cart
R4006N/AN/A3/16" (4.8mm)1 7/8"3$25.55Add To Cart
R4007N/AN/A1/4" (6.35mm)1 7/8"3$25.65Add To Cart
R4100N/AN/A1/16" (1.6mm)1 7/8"4$26.10Add To Cart
R4101N/AN/A0.070" (1.8mm)1 7/8"4$25.35Add To Cart
R4102N/AN/A0.080" (2.0mm)1 7/8"4$25.35Add To Cart
R4103N/AN/A3/32" (2.4mm)1 7/8"4$26.10Add To Cart
R4104N/AN/A1/8" (3.2mm)1 7/8"4$26.10Add To Cart
R4105N/AN/A3/16" (4.8mm)1 7/8"4$26.10Add To Cart
R4106N/AN/A1/4" (6.35mm)1 7/8"4$26.95Add To Cart
R4120-12N/AN/A1/16" (1.6mm)1 7/8"1/2"$31.65Add To Cart
R4120-13N/AN/A21/16" (1.6mm)1 7/8"$32.35Add To Cart
R4120-14N/AN/A3/8"21/16" (1.6mm)$31.65Add To Cart
R4121-12N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$40.40Add To Cart
R4121-13N/AN/A0.065" (1.65mm)1 7/8"1/2"$41.85Add To Cart
R4121-14N/AN/A20.065" (1.65mm)1 7/8"$40.90Add To Cart
R4121-2-12N/AN/A3/8"20.065" (1.65mm)$56.80Add To Cart
R4121-2-13N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$58.30Add To Cart
R4121-2-14N/AN/A0.075" (1.9mm)1 7/8"1/2"$57.25Add To Cart
R4122-12N/AN/A20.075" (1.9mm)1 7/8"$31.65Add To Cart
R4122-13N/AN/A3/8"20.075" (1.9mm)$33.30Add To Cart
R4122-14N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$32.10Add To Cart
R4124-12N/AN/A5/64" (1.98mm)1 7/8"1/2"$32.95Add To Cart
R4124-13N/AN/A25/64" (1.98mm)1 7/8"$34.35Add To Cart
R4124-14N/AN/A3/8"25/64" (1.98mm)$33.40Add To Cart
R4125-12N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$56.45Add To Cart
R4125-13N/AN/A3/32" (2.4mm)1 7/8"1/2"$58.00Add To Cart
R4125-14N/AN/A23/32" (2.4mm)1 7/8"$56.90Add To Cart
R4126-12N/AN/A3/8"23/32" (2.4mm)$31.65Add To Cart
R4126-13N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$32.95Add To Cart
R4126-14N/AN/A0.110" (2.8mm)1 7/8"1/2"$32.10Add To Cart
R4128-12N/AN/A20.110" (2.8mm)1 7/8"$32.95Add To Cart
R4128-13N/AN/A3/8"20.110" (2.8mm)$34.35Add To Cart
R4128-14N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$33.40Add To Cart
R4130-12N/AN/A5/32" (4.0mm)1 7/8"1/2"$32.95Add To Cart
R4130-13N/AN/A20.140" (3.6mm)1 7/8"$34.35Add To Cart
R4130-14N/AN/A3/8"21/8" (3.2mm)$33.40Add To Cart
R4132-12N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$32.95Add To Cart
R4132-13N/AN/A5/32" (4.0mm)1 7/8"1/2"$34.35Add To Cart
R4132-14N/AN/A25/32" (4.0mm)1 7/8"$33.40Add To Cart
R4140-12N/AN/A3/8"25/32" (4.0mm)$32.95Add To Cart
R4140-13N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$34.35Add To Cart
R4140-14N/AN/A3/16" (4.8mm)1 7/8"1/2"$33.40Add To Cart
R4141-1-12N/AN/A23/16" (4.8mm)1 7/8"$35.00Add To Cart
R4141-1-13N/AN/A3/8"23/16" (4.8mm)$36.55Add To Cart
R4141-1-14N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$35.55Add To Cart
R4141-12N/AN/A1/4" (6.35mm)1 7/8"1/2"$35.00Add To Cart
R4141-13N/AN/A21/4" (6.35mm)1 7/8"$36.55Add To Cart
R4141-14N/AN/A3/8"21/4" (6.35mm)$35.55Add To Cart
R4141-2-12N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"2$35.00Add To Cart
R4141-2-13N/AN/A1/16" (1.6mm)1 7/8"1/2"$36.55Add To Cart
R4141-2-14N/AN/A31/16" (1.6mm)1 7/8"$35.55Add To Cart
R4142-12N/AN/A3/8"31/16" (1.6mm)$32.95Add To Cart
R4142-13N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"3$34.35Add To Cart
R4142-14N/AN/A0.070" (1.8mm)1 7/8"1/2"$33.40Add To Cart
R4143-12N/AN/A30.070" (1.8mm)1 7/8"$35.25Add To Cart
R4143-13N/AN/A3/8"30.070" (1.8mm)$36.80Add To Cart
R4143-14N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"3$35.85Add To Cart
R4144-12N/AN/A0.065" (1.65mm)1 7/8"1/2"$34.35Add To Cart
R4144-13N/AN/A30.065" (1.65mm)1 7/8"$35.75Add To Cart
R4144-14N/AN/A3/8"30.065" (1.65mm)$34.80Add To Cart
R4145-12N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"3$35.25Add To Cart
R4145-13N/AN/A0.075" (1.9mm)1 7/8"1/2"$36.80Add To Cart
R4145-14N/AN/A30.075" (1.9mm)1 7/8"$35.85Add To Cart
R4146-12N/AN/A3/8"30.075" (1.9mm)$32.95Add To Cart
R4146-13N/AN/A1 7/8"1/4"3$34.35Add To Cart
R4146-14N/AN/A5/64" (1.98mm)1 7/8"3$33.40Add To Cart
R4147-12N/AN/A5/64" (1.98mm)1 7/8"3/8"$36.10Add To Cart
R4147-13N/AN/A35/64" (1.98mm)1 7/8"$37.40Add To Cart
R4147-14N/AN/A1/4"30.085" (2.16mm)$36.55Add To Cart
R4148-12N/AN/A1 7/8"1/2"3$35.55Add To Cart
R4148-13N/AN/A0.085" (2.16mm)1 7/8"3/8"$37.05Add To Cart
R4148-14N/AN/A30.085" (2.16mm)1 7/8"$36.10Add To Cart
R4150-12N/AN/A1/4"33/32" (2.4mm)$35.55Add To Cart
R4150-13N/AN/A1 7/8"1/2"3$37.05Add To Cart
R4150-14N/AN/A3/32" (2.4mm)1 7/8"3/8"$36.10Add To Cart
R4152-12N/AN/A33/32" (2.4mm)1 7/8"$36.20Add To Cart
R4152-13N/AN/A1/4"30.110" (2.8mm)$37.05Add To Cart
R4152-14N/AN/A1 7/8"1/2"3$36.10Add To Cart
R4162N/AN/A0.110" (2.8mm)1 7/8"3/8"$126.40Add To Cart
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