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Reversible Ogee Window Sash Assembly
SKU: FRB31-5
Replacement Parts:
-Profile Cutter FRB31-5C
-Rabbeting Cutter FRB31-5R
-Arbor and Nut AR20
-Nut Only WNF516
-Ball Bearing B5
-Spacer 6.0mm (3 Pieces) WF618
-Spacer 3.0mm (1 Piece) WF610
-Spacer 1.0mm (1 Piece) WF608
-Spacer 0.5mm (2 Pieces) WF606
-Spacer 0.1mm (3 Pieces) WF604
SKU Size Art Area Large Diameter Wood Thickness Shank Diameter Overall Length1 +  
FRB31-5N/AN/A1 3/8"1 1/8" to 1 3/4"1/2"3 3/4"$221.30Add To Cart
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