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1/4" Shank Straight Router Bits Two Flutes
SKU: R2009
* R2009-1 and R2014 are not guaranteed due to extreme length and/or fragility
SKU Size Art Area Number of Flutes Cutting Diameter Cutting Length Shank Length Shank Diameter Overall Length1 +  
R2009-1N/AN/A21/16"3/16"1 3/8"1/4"1 7/8"$25.65Add To Cart
R2009-2N/AN/A23/32"1/4"1 5/8"1/4"1 7/8"$24.15Add To Cart
R2010N/AN/A21/8"7/16"1 1/4"1/4"2"$18.05Add To Cart
R2010-1N/AN/A25/32"7/16"1 9/16"1/4"2"$20.50Add To Cart
R2011N/AN/A23/16"7/16"1 1/4"1/4"2"$19.45Add To Cart
R2011-1N/AN/A23/16"5/8"1 1/8"1/4"2 1/8"$22.65Add To Cart
R2011-2N/AN/A27/32"3/4"1 7/16"1/4"1 7/8"$21.60Add To Cart
R2012N/AN/A21/4"1/2"1 1/4"1/4"2"$20.50Add To Cart
R2013N/AN/A21/4"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$18.05Add To Cart
R2014N/AN/A21/4"1"1 1/4"1/4"2 1/4"$19.00Add To Cart
R2017N/AN/A29/32"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$20.20Add To Cart
R2017-1N/AN/A29/32"1"1 1/8"1/4"2 1/4"$21.00Add To Cart
R2018N/AN/A25/16"3/4"1 1/8"1/4"2"$21.00Add To Cart
R2019N/AN/A25/16"1"1 1/4"1/4"2 1/4"$20.30Add To Cart
R2021N/AN/A23/8"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$20.30Add To Cart
R2022N/AN/A23/8"1"1 1/4"1/4"2 1/4"$21.15Add To Cart
R2023N/AN/A23/8"1 1/4"1 1/4"1/4"2 1/2"$24.60Add To Cart
R2023-1N/AN/A27/16"3/4"1 1/8"1/4"2"$22.75Add To Cart
R2024N/AN/A27/16"1"1 1/4"1/4"2 1/8"$23.95Add To Cart
R2025N/AN/A21/2"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$21.15Add To Cart
R2026N/AN/A21/2"1"1 1/4"1/4"2 1/8"$22.30Add To Cart
R2026-1N/AN/A21/2"1 1/4"1 1/8"1/4"2 1/2"$26.60Add To Cart
R2027N/AN/A29/16"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2 1/8"$22.75Add To Cart
R2027-1N/AN/A29/16"1"1 3/8"1/4"2 1/2"$22.75Add To Cart
R2028N/AN/A25/8"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$23.45Add To Cart
R2028-1N/AN/A25/8"1"1 1/8"1/4"2 1/4"$27.30Add To Cart
R2029N/AN/A211/16"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$27.70Add To Cart
R2029-1N/AN/A211/16"1"1 1/8"1/4"2 1/4"$42.10Add To Cart
R2030N/AN/A23/4"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$25.90Add To Cart
R2030-1N/AN/A23/4"1"1 1/8"1/4"2 1/4"$29.30Add To Cart
R2031N/AN/A213/16"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$29.40Add To Cart
R2032N/AN/A27/8"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$33.60Add To Cart
R2032-1N/AN/A215/16"3/4"1 1/8"1/4"2"$48.00Add To Cart
R2033N/AN/A21"3/4"1 1/4"1/4"2"$35.40Add To Cart
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