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Entry and Passage Door Cutter Set
SKU: 178
D E S I G N :
ò Set of 5 cutters with 3 teeth interlocked and set of spacers
ò Tungsten carbide cutting edges

A P P L I C AT I O N :
ò To cut stile and rail in solid wood for producing entry andpassage doors
ò On shapers
SKU Size Art Area Diam 0D Wood Thickness Bore 0d No. Teeth Profile RPM Min-Max1 +  
178AIN/AN/A4"1-3/8" (1/4" Tenon)1-1/4"3A7500-12500$1630.85Add To Cart
178BIN/AN/A4"1-3/8" (1/4" Tenon)1-1/4"3B7500-12500$1630.85Add To Cart
178CIN/AN/A4"1-3/8" (1/4" Tenon)1-1/4"3C7500-12500$1630.85Add To Cart
179AIN/AN/A4"1-3/4" (3/8" Tenon)1-1/4"3A7500-12500$1618.60Add To Cart
179BIN/AN/A4"1-3/4" (3/8" Tenon)1-1/4"3B7500-12500$1618.60Add To Cart
179CIN/AN/A4"1-3/4" (3/8" Tenon)1-1/4"3C7500-12500$1618.60Add To Cart
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