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Grooving Cutters
SKU: 112
D E S I G N :
ò With straight teeth. If required with alternatingteeth or left-right + raker
ò Tungsten carbide cutting edges

A P P L I C AT I O N :
ò To make grooves in solid wood, with the grainand in uncoated panels
ò Can be used in laminated materials if cuttingwith feed
ò On shapers, double-end tenoners and moulders

°d Bore: 1-1/4" Bore can be opened or bushed to spindlesize of your machine. Maximum Bore size 50mm (2")

Other sizes available upon request
SKU Size Art Area Type Diam 0D Kerf B No. Teeth1 +  
11210ICN/AN/AImperial5-1/2"3/8"6$213.55Add To Cart
11210MCN/AN/AMetric140mm8mm6$204.50Add To Cart
11211ICN/AN/AImperial5-1/2"1/2"6$235.60Add To Cart
11211MCN/AN/AMetric140mm10mm6$213.55Add To Cart
11212ICN/AN/AImperial5-1/2"5/8"6$247.00Add To Cart
11212MCN/AN/AMetric140mm12mm6$235.60Add To Cart
11213ICN/AN/AImperial6-1/4"3/16"6$210.80Add To Cart
11213MCN/AN/AMetric140mm14mm6$240.20Add To Cart
11214ICN/AN/AImperial6-1/4"1/4"6$218.05Add To Cart
11214MCN/AN/AMetric140mm16mm6$247.00Add To Cart
11215ICN/AN/AImperial6-1/4"5-16"6$223.70Add To Cart
11215MCN/AN/AMetric160mm5mm6$208.75Add To Cart
11216ICN/AN/AImperial6-1/4"3/8"6$233.35Add To Cart
11216MCN/AN/AMetric160mm6mm6$219.50Add To Cart
11217ICN/AN/AImperial6-1/4"1/2"6$252.05Add To Cart
11217MCN/AN/AMetric160mm8mm6$222.85Add To Cart
11218ICN/AN/AImperial6-1/4"5/8"6$267.15Add To Cart
11218MCN/AN/AMetric160mm10mm6$233.35Add To Cart
11219MCN/AN/AMetric160mm12mm6$251.75Add To Cart
1121ICN/AN/AImperial4-3/4"3/16"6$176.00Add To Cart
1121MCN/AN/AMetric120mm5mm6$176.00Add To Cart
11220MCN/AN/AMetric160mm14mm6$256.10Add To Cart
11221MCN/AN/AMetric160mm16mm6$266.20Add To Cart
1122ICN/AN/AImperial4-3/4"1/4"6$185.20Add To Cart
1122MCN/AN/AMetric120mm6mm6$185.20Add To Cart
1123ICN/AN/AImperial4-3/4"5/16"6$195.20Add To Cart
1123MCN/AN/AMetric120mm8mm6$195.35Add To Cart
1124ICN/AN/AImperial4-3/4"3/8"6$199.70Add To Cart
1124MCN/AN/AMetric120mm10mm6$201.70Add To Cart
1125ICN/AN/AImperial4-3/4"1/2"6$208.65Add To Cart
1125MCN/AN/AMetric120mm12mm6$208.65Add To Cart
1126ICN/AN/AImperial4-3/4"5/8"6$232.15Add To Cart
1126MCN/AN/AMetric120mm14mm6$213.55Add To Cart
1127ICN/AN/AImperial5-1/2"3/16"6$195.35Add To Cart
1127MCN/AN/AMetric120mm16mm6$232.15Add To Cart
1128ICN/AN/AImperial5-1/2"1/4"6$202.50Add To Cart
1128MCN/AN/AMetric140mm5mm6$195.35Add To Cart
1129ICN/AN/AImperial5-1/2"5/16"6$204.50Add To Cart
1129MCN/AN/AMetric140mm6mm6$199.90Add To Cart
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