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Disposable Double-Edged Planing Knives
SKU: 299
-Precision made knife holder for easy and accurate knife positioning
-Precision ground reversible knives

-For surface planing of solid wood
-Can be fitted into any planing toolheads and jointer heads
-On surface planers, jointers, four sided planers and moulders

For Planing Heads and Jointing Heads:
Reduction of cost is one of the major features of our double-edged knife system. The price of double-edged knives is lower than re-usable knives, and the knife holder is a non-recurrent investment easily amortised by the savings of knife cost.

Knife cost is cut to 80% and set-up is decreased by 400%
More detailed instructions are available with separate brochure (please call 425-424-9294)
SKU Size Art Area Part Knife Length1 +  
299060N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm60mm, 2-3/8"$6.25Add To Cart
299080N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm80mm, 3-1/8"$7.05Add To Cart
299100N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm100mm, 4"$7.50Add To Cart
299105N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm105mm$7.70Add To Cart
299120N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm120mm, 4-3/4"$9.15Add To Cart
299125N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm125mm$9.35Add To Cart
299130N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm130mm, 5-1/8"$9.70Add To Cart
299136N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm136mm$10.25Add To Cart
299140N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm140mm$10.25Add To Cart
299150N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm150mm, 6"$10.75Add To Cart
299160N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm160mm$11.30Add To Cart
299170N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm170mm$11.90Add To Cart
299180N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm180mm, 7"$12.35Add To Cart
299186N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm186mm$12.80Add To Cart
299190N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm190mm$12.90Add To Cart
299200N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm200mm, 8"$13.50Add To Cart
299210N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm210mm, 8-1/4"$14.15Add To Cart
299230N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm230mm, 9"$15.30Add To Cart
299240N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm240mm$16.15Add To Cart
299250N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm250mm, 10"$16.45Add To Cart
299260N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm260mm$17.30Add To Cart
299300N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm300mm$18.90Add To Cart
299305N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm305mm, 12"$19.00Add To Cart
299310N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm310mm, 12-1/4"$19.70Add To Cart
299350N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm350mm, 13-3/4"$21.20Add To Cart
299360N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm360mm, 14-1/8"$21.65Add To Cart
299400N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm400mm, 15-3/4"$23.40Add To Cart
299410N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm410mm, 16-1/4"$24.15Add To Cart
299420N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm420mm$24.40Add To Cart
299430N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm430mm$25.20Add To Cart
299450N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm450mm$26.15Add To Cart
299460N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm460mm, 18-1/8"$26.35Add To Cart
299500N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm500mm$26.50Add To Cart
299510N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm510mm$26.90Add To Cart
299520N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm520mm$27.95Add To Cart
299530N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm530mm$29.00Add To Cart
299600N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm600mm$31.30Add To Cart
299610N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm610mm, 24"$31.85Add To Cart
299630N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm630mm$33.00Add To Cart
299640N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm640mm$33.65Add To Cart
299650N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm650mm$35.10Add To Cart
299660N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm660mm$36.60Add To Cart
299710N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm710mm$41.65Add To Cart
299740N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm740mm$43.65Add To Cart
299760N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm760mm$44.50Add To Cart
299810N/AN/ADouble Edge Knife 18.6x10mm810mm$47.55Add To Cart
29H060N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"60mm, 2-3/8"$57.60Add To Cart
29H080N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"80mm, 3-1/8"$62.65Add To Cart
29H100N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"100mm, 4"$65.45Add To Cart
29H105N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"105mm$67.40Add To Cart
29H120N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"120mm, 4-3/4"$82.25Add To Cart
29H125N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"125mm$82.25Add To Cart
29H130N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"130mm, 5-1/8"$84.05Add To Cart
29H136N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"136mm$90.70Add To Cart
29H140N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"140mm$89.60Add To Cart
29H150N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"150mm, 6"$92.70Add To Cart
29H150-19N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"150mm, 6" (3/4" H)$238.35Add To Cart
29H160N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"160mm$94.80Add To Cart
29H170N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"170mm$97.15Add To Cart
29H180N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"180mm, 7"$99.70Add To Cart
29H180-19N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"180mm, 7" (3/4" H)$239.50Add To Cart
29H186N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"186mm$102.20Add To Cart
29H190N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"190mm$98.40Add To Cart
29H190-19N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"190mm, 7-1/2" (3/4" H)$240.75Add To Cart
29H200N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"200mm, 8"$104.65Add To Cart
29H200-19N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"200mm, 8" (3/4" H)$242.00Add To Cart
29H210N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"210mm, 8-1/4"$107.05Add To Cart
29H230N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"230mm, 9"$109.80Add To Cart
29H240N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"240mm$111.90Add To Cart
29H250N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"250mm, 10"$114.85Add To Cart
29H260N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"260mm$138.05Add To Cart
29H300N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"300mm$120.55Add To Cart
29H305N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"305mm, 12"$119.50Add To Cart
29H310N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"310mm, 12-1/4"$122.10Add To Cart
29H350N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"350mm, 13-3/4"$134.65Add To Cart
29H360N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"360mm, 14-1/8"$134.65Add To Cart
29H400N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"400mm, 15-3/4"$147.10Add To Cart
29H410N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"410mm, 16-1/4"$149.45Add To Cart
29H420N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"420mm$152.10Add To Cart
29H430N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"430mm$154.40Add To Cart
29H450N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"450mm$159.15Add To Cart
29H460N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"460mm, 18-1/8"$162.00Add To Cart
29H500N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"500mm$164.40Add To Cart
29H510N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"510mm$164.40Add To Cart
29H520N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"520mm$167.05Add To Cart
29H530N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"530mm$166.75Add To Cart
29H600N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"600mm$169.25Add To Cart
29H610N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"610mm, 24"$169.25Add To Cart
29H630N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"630mm$176.75Add To Cart
29H640N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"640mm$176.75Add To Cart
29H650N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"650mm$179.05Add To Cart
29H660N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"660mm$179.05Add To Cart
29H710N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"710mm$184.20Add To Cart
29H740N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"740mm$186.75Add To Cart
29H760N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"760mm$196.70Add To Cart
29H810N/AN/AKnife Holder 25x3mm/1"x1-1/8"810mm$221.80Add To Cart
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