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Replacement Parts
SKU: RD2770
SKU Size Art Area Diam 0D mm Tool No. Description Dimensions mm Radius/Chamfer Rmm B mm 0D mm Cutter Type RPM Min-Max Tool Holder Type No. Teeth Bore 0d mm Kerf B mm Dimensions1 +  
RD2770N/AN/A10910000IS03022020$1972.85Add To Cart
RD2772N/AN/A10910000BT3022020$1972.85Add To Cart
RD2774N/AN/A10910000HSK63F22020$2060.55Add To Cart
RD2770AN/AN/A20109A2$482.40Add To Cart
RD2770BN/AN/A20109B2$482.40Add To Cart
RD2770CN/AN/A5095C2$460.45Add To Cart
305000N/AN/A50x12x1.5-C$4.50Add To Cart
RD2770-45N/AN/A20x21x245 degA-B$21.95Add To Cart
RD2770R2N/AN/A20x21x22A-B$21.95Add To Cart
RD2770R3N/AN/A20x21x23A-B$21.95Add To Cart
RD2770R4N/AN/A20x21x24A-B$21.95Add To Cart
RD2770R5N/AN/A20x21x25A-B$21.95Add To Cart
RD2770R6N/AN/A20x21x26A-B$21.95Add To Cart
W341001N/AN/ARD2770A, RD2770BGib16$33.85Add To Cart
W341002N/AN/ARD2770CGib46$39.05Add To Cart
W400114N/AN/AT-Handle Allen Wrench4mm$7.55Add To Cart
W501403N/AN/ARD2770A, RD2770BScrew for GibM8x16$2.30Add To Cart
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