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Compression Spiral Router Bits
-Combination upcut/downcut spiral designed for fast feed rates and optimum edge finish on both sides of laminated panels

-For machining double sided laminated panels, solid wood and wood composites

UD1- Finishing bits single flute/up-down spiral
UD2- Finishing bits double flute/up-down spiral
UD2L- Left hand finishing bits double flute/up-down spiral
SKU Size Art Area Cutting Diameter Flute Length Shank Diameter Number of Flutes Overall Length1 +  
RSF2058-UD1N/AN/A1/4"7/8"1/4"1+12 1/2"$66.30Add To Cart
RSF2059-UD2N/AN/A3/8"1 1/4"3/8"2+23"$93.65Add To Cart
RSF2060-UD1N/AN/A3/8"1"3/8"1+12 3/4"$83.85Add To Cart
RSF2060-UD2N/AN/A3/8"1"3/8"2+22 3/4"$90.85Add To Cart
RSF2061-UD1N/AN/A1/2"1 1/4"1/2"1+13"$105.90Add To Cart
RSF2061-UD2N/AN/A1/2"1 1/4"1/2"2+23"$108.00Add To Cart
RSF2061-UD2LN/AN/A1/2"1 1/4"1/2"2+23"$120.70Add To Cart
RSF2061A-UD2N/AN/A1/2"1 3/8"1/2"2+23 1/2"$114.35Add To Cart
RSF2061A-UD2LN/AN/A1/2"1 3/8"1/2"2+23 1/2"$127.25Add To Cart
RSF2062-UD1N/AN/A1/2"1 5/8"1/2"1+13 1/2"$116.85Add To Cart
RSF2062-UD2N/AN/A1/2"1 5/8"1/2"2+23 1/2"$119.30Add To Cart
RSF2063-UD1N/AN/A1/2"2"1/2"1+14"$145.55Add To Cart
RSF2063-UD2N/AN/A1/2"2"1/2"2+24"$147.10Add To Cart
RSF2064-UD1N/AN/A5/8"1 1/2"5/8"1+14"$243.15Add To Cart
RSF2064-UD2N/AN/A5/8"1 1/2"5/8"2+24"$237.15Add To Cart
RSF2065-UD2N/AN/A5/8"2"5/8"2+24"$261.20Add To Cart
RSF2066-UD1N/AN/A3/4"2"3/4"1+14"$323.30Add To Cart
RSF2066-UD2N/AN/A3/4"2"3/4"2+24"$323.30Add To Cart
RSF2066-UD2LN/AN/A3/4"2"3/4"2+24"$358.20Add To Cart
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