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XL4000 Fine Cross Cut Saw Blades - S06
SKU: S06
-Tooth configuration: ATB
-Cutting material: TC XL4000
-Expansion slots: Cu plugged

-For fine cut-off and trimming of soft and hardwoods, plywood, wood veneered and plastic laminated panel materials
-On table saws, sliding table saws and cut-off saws

S06400CT- Specifically designed for cutting kitchen counter tops
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Kerf Plate Bore Teeth1 +  
S06200N/AN/A8"0.126"0.087"5/8"60$150.65Add To Cart
S06250N/AN/A10"0.126"0.087"5/8"80$180.25Add To Cart
S06300N/AN/A12"0.135"0.095"1"100$246.80Add To Cart
S06350N/AN/A14"0.150"0.110"1"100$280.30Add To Cart
S06400CTN/AN/A16"0.160"0.118"1"120$366.60Add To Cart
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