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Fine Dado Sets - Spare Chippers 2-Teeth 54DL
-Standard set consists of two outside saws blades 1/8" kerf, on 1/4" chipper, two 1/8" chippers and one 1/16" chipper
-Cutting material: TC
-Hook angle: 0 degree

-To cut grooves and dados in plastic laminated panels
-Groove widths adjustable from 1/4" to 13/16" maximum width in 1/16" increments. Wider grooves can be obtained by adding spare chippers
-On table saws, sliding table saws and single or double end tenoners
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Teeth Max Width Bore Kerf1 +  
54DL08N/AN/A8"4013/16"5/8"$420.45Add To Cart
54DL08-1N/AN/A8"4013/16"1"$420.45Add To Cart
54DL10N/AN/A10"6013/16"5/8"$534.10Add To Cart
54DL10-1N/AN/A10"6013/16"1"$534.10Add To Cart
54DL08-1-LHN/AN/A8"401"1/8"$153.60Add To Cart
54DL08-1-RHN/AN/A8"401"1/8"$153.60Add To Cart
54DL08-LHN/AN/A8"405/8"1/8"$124.40Add To Cart
54DL08-RHN/AN/A8"405/8"1/8"$124.40Add To Cart
54DL10-1-LHN/AN/A10"601"1/8"$206.85Add To Cart
54DL10-1-RHN/AN/A10"601"1/8"$206.85Add To Cart
54DL10-LHN/AN/A10"605/8"1/8"$167.60Add To Cart
54DL10-RHN/AN/A10"605/8"1/8"$167.60Add To Cart
5306-14N/AN/A6"5/8"1/4"$58.60Add To Cart
5306-16N/AN/A6"5/8"1/16"$33.90Add To Cart
5306-18N/AN/A6"5/8"1/8"$37.20Add To Cart
5308-14N/AN/A8"5/8"1/4"$51.15Add To Cart
5308-14-1N/AN/A8"1"1/4"$51.15Add To Cart
5308-16N/AN/A8"5/8"1/16"$37.00Add To Cart
5308-16-1N/AN/A8"1"1/16"$37.00Add To Cart
5308-18N/AN/A8"5/8"1/8"$39.70Add To Cart
5308-18-1N/AN/A8"1"1/8"$39.70Add To Cart
5310-14N/AN/A10"5/8"1/4"$64.95Add To Cart
5310-14-1N/AN/A10"1"1/4"$64.95Add To Cart
5310-16N/AN/A10"5/8"1/16"$44.85Add To Cart
5310-16-1N/AN/A10"1"1/16"$44.85Add To Cart
5310-18N/AN/A10"5/8"1/8"$49.40Add To Cart
5310-18-1N/AN/A10"1"1/8"$49.40Add To Cart
5312-14N/AN/A12"1"1/4"$72.55Add To Cart
5312-16N/AN/A12"1"1/16"$59.40Add To Cart
5312-18N/AN/A12"1"1/8"$64.60Add To Cart
5314-14N/AN/A14"1"1/4"$97.85Add To Cart
5314-16N/AN/A14"1"1/16"$84.70Add To Cart
5314-18N/AN/A14"1"1/8"$92.35Add To Cart
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