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Hogging Units With Disposable Knives - 1TL2
SKU: 1TL2 - Hogging Unit Body
-High tensile strength steel body with solid carbide reversible inserts
-Inserts have 4 cutting edges with chip breaker
-Hogger set consists of elements which can be of three different diameters (234, 242 and 250mm). This allows for different profile solutions
-Chipping width available from 19.2mm and wider, in increments of 15mm

-For chip-free sizing of panel materials on double-end tenoners and trimming machines
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Teeth Kerf Bore Hogger Number Rotation1 +  
1TL234LHN/AN/A234mm815mm80mm3left hand (3)$664.05Add To Cart
1TL234RHN/AN/A234mm815mm80mm3right hand (3)$663.95Add To Cart
1TL242LHN/AN/A242mm815mm80mm2left hand (2)$621.70Add To Cart
1TL242RHN/AN/A242mm815mm80mm2right hand (2)$621.70Add To Cart
1TL250LHN/AN/A250mm815mm80mm1Left hand (1)$700.25Add To Cart
1TL250RHN/AN/A250mm815mm80mm1right hand (1)$700.25Add To Cart
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