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Thin Kerf Saw Blades - L05
SKU: L05
-Tooth configuration: refer to chart below (grind)
-Cutting material: TC
-Expansion slots: Cu plugged
-Very stable body minimizes run-out

-For fine cross cuts in veneered panels, expensive woods and sheets, thin plexiglass, masonite and plastics
-On table saws, sliding table saws and vertical panel sizing saws

L04302- Altendorf, Omga, SCMI, Striebig
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Teeth Kerf Bore Grind1 +  
L05150N/AN/A6"48 ATB0.080"5/8"ATB$165.85Add To Cart
L05180N/AN/A7"56 ATB0.080"5/8"ATB$172.35Add To Cart
L05200N/AN/A8"64 ATB0.080"5/8"ATB$191.80Add To Cart
L05201N/AN/A8"64 TCG0.080"5/8"TCG$196.25Add To Cart
L05250N/AN/A10"80 ATB0.083"5/8"ATB$217.45Add To Cart
L05251N/AN/A10"100 ATB0.087"5/8"ATB$238.60Add To Cart
L05252N/AN/A10"80 TCG0.083"5/8"TCG$217.70Add To Cart
L05300N/AN/A12"96 ATB0.087"1"ATB$259.55Add To Cart
L05302N/AN/A12"96 TCG0.087"1"TCG$264.90Add To Cart
L05350N/AN/A14"108 ATB0.095"1"ATB$328.60Add To Cart
L05400N/AN/A16"120 ATB0.110"1"ATB$395.55Add To Cart
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