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Mitre Joint Saw Blades
-Tooth configuration: 4 ATB and 1 raker
-Cutting material: TC
-Expansion slots: Cu plugged

-For mitre joint cuts in soft and hardwoods, painted mouldings, gesso and other high-gloss and pre-finished picture frames and furniture mouldings as well as PVC substrates
-For aluminum cuts see L1A, L1B, L1C series
-On single or double cut-off mitre machines and radial arm saws
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Kerf Plate Bore Teeth Machine/Misc....1 +  
LM4216N/AN/A8-1/2".110".071"5/8"24Elu, Hitachi 10 deg. ATB grind$84.25Add To Cart
LM4225N/AN/A9".112".087"5/8"60$169.55Add To Cart
LM4250N/AN/A10".116".087"5/8"60$149.60Add To Cart
LM4300N/AN/A12".122".095"1"80$200.50Add To Cart
LM4308N/AN/A12".122".110"5/8"80Pistorius, CTD$220.35Add To Cart
LM6200N/AN/A8".112".087"5/8"60$148.20Add To Cart
LM6216N/AN/A8-1/2".110".071"5/8"48Elu, Hitachi 10 deg. ATB grind$127.50Add To Cart
LM6225N/AN/A9".112".087"5/8"72Grind$169.10Add To Cart
LM6250N/AN/A10".112".087"5/8"80$169.10Add To Cart
LM6300N/AN/A12".120".095"1"100$221.20Add To Cart
LM6308N/AN/A12".134".110"5/8"100Pistorius, CTD$244.00Add To Cart
LM6330N/AN/A330mm3.3mm2.5mm20mm100Wegoma, Haffner, Salvarani$278.20Add To Cart
LM6350N/AN/A14.".142".118"1"100$256.25Add To Cart
LM6350-32N/AN/A355mm3.6mm3.0mm32mm100Brevetti (355 Diam.)$281.70Add To Cart
LM6351N/AN/A350mm3.1mm2.5mm25mm100Makita (with 25mm arbor)$260.05Add To Cart
LM6353N/AN/A350mm3.2mm2.6mm32mm108Brevetti$273.85Add To Cart
LM6358N/AN/A14".150".118"5/8"100Pistorius, CTD$281.50Add To Cart
LM6380N/AN/A15".120".098"1"100Hitachi$268.45Add To Cart
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