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Conic Scoring Saw Blades - 527
SKU: 527
-Tooth configuration: Conic
-Cutting material: TC
-Expansion slots: Cu plugged

-For pre-scoring in plastic laminated sheets
-On table saws and sliding table saws with pre-soring units
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Teeth Kerf Plate Bore Main Saw Diameter1 +  
52705401N/AN/A54mm14 Conic2.85mm / 3.6mm2.0mm1"For Modulus 2000$59.20Add To Cart
52708001N/AN/A80mm20 Conic3.1mm / 4.1mm2.2mm20mmFor 10" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52710000N/AN/A100mm24 Conic3.1mm / 4.1mm2.4mm1"For 10" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52710001N/AN/A100mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm20mmFor 12" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52710002N/AN/A100mm24 Conic3.8mm / 4.8mm2.8mm20mmFor 14-16" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52711001N/AN/A110mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm20mmFor 12" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52711002N/AN/A110mm24 Conic3.8mm / 4.8mm2.8mm20mmFor 14-16" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52711501N/AN/A115mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm20mmFor 12" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52711502N/AN/A115mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm20mmFor 14"-16" Main$125.95Add To Cart
52712001N/AN/A120mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm20mmFor 12" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712001-34N/AN/A120mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm3/4"For 12" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712002N/AN/A120mm24 Conic3.8mm / 4.8mm2.8mm20mmFor 14-16" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712002-34N/AN/A120mm24 Conic3.8mm / 4.8mm2.8mm3/4"For 14"-16" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712500N/AN/A125mm24 Conical ATB3.2mm / 4.2mm2.4mm20mmCasadei Linea$129.80Add To Cart
52712501N/AN/A125mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm20mmFor 12" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712501-22N/AN/A125mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm22mmFor 12" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712501-34N/AN/A125mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm3/4"For 12" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712502N/AN/A125mm24 Conic3.8mm / 4.8mm2.8mm20mmFor 14"-16" Main$129.80Add To Cart
52712503N/AN/A125mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm45mmGiben$137.25Add To Cart
52712503-22N/AN/A125mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm22mmMartin$145.95Add To Cart
52712504N/AN/A125mm24 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.5mm45mmGiben$155.95Add To Cart
52712701N/AN/A127mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm45mmGiben$137.25Add To Cart
52714001N/AN/A140mm32 Conical ATB3.2mm / 4.2mm2.4mm16mmScheer$182.00Add To Cart
52714002N/AN/A140mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm45mmEuromac$173.60Add To Cart
52715001N/AN/A150mm24 Conic3.4mm / 4.4mm2.4mm20mmFor 12" Main$153.85Add To Cart
52715002N/AN/A150mm24 Conic3.8mm / 4.8mm3.0mm20mmFor 14"-16" Main$153.85Add To Cart
52715003N/AN/A150mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm30mmIrion, Mayer$173.60Add To Cart
52715003-114N/AN/A150mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm1 1/4"SCMI$173.60Add To Cart
52715003-20N/AN/A150mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm20mmSchelling$173.60Add To Cart
52715005N/AN/A150mm36 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm55mm 3PHGabbiani$180.20Add To Cart
52716003N/AN/A160mm28 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm45mm 3PHGiben Prismatic$183.75Add To Cart
52716005N/AN/A160mm36 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm55mm 3+3PHGabbiani, SCM$183.75Add To Cart
52716006N/AN/A160mm36 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.5mm55mm 3+3PHGabbiani$204.50Add To Cart
52717501N/AN/A175mm28 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm45mm Holzma$198.45Add To Cart
52717502N/AN/A175mm28 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.0mm45mmHolzma$205.65Add To Cart
52718001-20N/AN/A180mm28 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm20mm Schelling, Anthon$198.45Add To Cart
52718001-30N/AN/A180mm28 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm30mm Panhans$207.45Add To Cart
52718001-45N/AN/A180mm28 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm45mm Holzma$200.55Add To Cart
52718002N/AN/A180mm36 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.4mm45mm Holzma Series 82$217.65Add To Cart
52718002-55N/AN/A180mm30 Conical ATB5.2mm / 6.2mm3.5mm55mm Giben$250.00Add To Cart
52718003N/AN/A180mm30 Conical ATB5.8mm / 6.8mm4.0mm20mm Anthon$245.20Add To Cart
52718004N/AN/A180mm30 Conical ATB6.2mm / 7.2mm4.4mm20mm Anthon$293.60Add To Cart
52718501N/AN/A185mm30 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.5mm45mm Holzma$232.30Add To Cart
52720000-20N/AN/A200mm24 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm20mm Schelling$198.45Add To Cart
52720001-20N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm20mm Schelling$198.45Add To Cart
52720001-30N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm30mm Panhans, Scheer$198.45Add To Cart
52720001-45N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.0mm45mm Holzma$198.45Add To Cart
52720001-65N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm65mm 2PHSelco$198.45Add To Cart
52720001-80N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm80mm 2PHSCM Sigma$203.10Add To Cart
52720002N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.5mm45mm Holzma$213.50Add To Cart
52720002-65N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.5mm65mm 2PHSelco$201.95Add To Cart
52720003N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB5.0mm / 6.0mm3.5mm20mmSchelling$224.10Add To Cart
52720004N/AN/A200mm60 Conical ATB3.3mm / 4.3mm2.2mm30mm Scheer$242.20Add To Cart
52720006N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.6mm / 5.6mm3.5mm45mm Holzma$213.50Add To Cart
52720006-65N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB4.6mm / 5.6mm3.5mm65mm 2PHSelco$201.95Add To Cart
52720007N/AN/A200mm24 Conical ATB5.8mm / 6.8mm4.2mm45mmHolzma$202.05Add To Cart
52720008N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB5.8mm / 6.8mm4.2mm45mmHolzma$225.60Add To Cart
52720009N/AN/A200mm34 Conical ATB6.2mm / 7.2mm4.5mm2mmSchelling$257.55Add To Cart
52721501N/AN/A215mm42 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm50mm 3PHGiben Prismatic$257.55Add To Cart
52729001N/AN/A290mm42 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm2.8mm45mmHolzma$264.55Add To Cart
52729002N/AN/A290mm42 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.4mm45mmHolzma$283.15Add To Cart
52730001N/AN/A300mm48 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm50mm 3PHGiben Prismatic$289.95Add To Cart
52730002N/AN/A300mm48 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm65mm 2PHSelco$284.40Add To Cart
52732001N/AN/A320mm48 Conical ATB4.4mm / 5.4mm3.2mm45mmHolzma$329.70Add To Cart
52732002N/AN/A320mm48 Conical ATB4.8mm / 5.8mm3.5mm45mmHolzma$357.40Add To Cart
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