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Split Scoring Saw Blades - 528
SKU: 528
-Tooth configuration: Flat Top
-Cutting material: TC
-Two piece unit adjustable to the kerf of the main saw blade with the use of shims

-For pre-scoring in plastic laminated sheets
-On table saws, sliding table saws and panel sizing saws with controllable pre-soring units

52812001-50- 50mm bore, 4 pin-holes counter-sunk, no shims. For Altendorf with quick adjustable flange
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Teeth Kerf Plate Bore Machine1 +  
528080001-20N/AN/A80mm2 x 10 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm20mmEMA Casadei, Minimax$154.20Add To Cart
52810001-1N/AN/A100mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm1"SCMI, Delta$154.20Add To Cart
52810001-20N/AN/A100mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm20mmSchelling$154.20Add To Cart
52810001-22N/AN/A100mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm22mmAltendorf, Martin, Panhans$154.20Add To Cart
52810001-34N/AN/A100mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm3/4"SCMI, Delta$154.20Add To Cart
52810501-20N/AN/A105mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm20mmWadkin-CP320$161.95Add To Cart
52812001-20N/AN/A120mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm20mmSCM, Holz-Her$159.65Add To Cart
52812001-22N/AN/A120mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm22mmAltendorf, Martin, Panhans$159.65Add To Cart
52812001-34N/AN/A120mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm3/4"SCMI$159.65Add To Cart
52812001-50N/AN/A120mm2 x 12 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.2mm50mmAltendorf$180.35Add To Cart
52812501N/AN/A125mm2 x 20 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm30mmSteton$182.10Add To Cart
52812501-22N/AN/A125mm2 x 20 Flat Top2.8mm / 3.6mm2.0mm22mmHolz-Her$164.70Add To Cart
52815001-45N/AN/A150mm2 x 20 Flat Top3.9mm / 5.2mm2.2mm45mm$290.15Add To Cart
52817501N/AN/A175mm2 x 20 Flat Top4.4mm / 5.0mm2.0mm45mmHolzma$286.30Add To Cart
52818001N/AN/A180mm2 x 20 Flat Top4.4mm / 5.2mm2.0mm45mmHolzma$276.55Add To Cart
52818001-30N/AN/A180mm2 x 18 Flat Top4.4mm / 5.0mm2.0mm30mmKoelle$286.30Add To Cart
52818002N/AN/A180mm2 x 20 Flat Top4.8mm / 5.4mm2.0mm45mmHolzma$338.15Add To Cart
52822001N/AN/A220mm2 x 24 Flat Top4.4mm / 5.6mm2.4mm45mmHolzma(postforming)$320.70Add To Cart
52829001N/AN/A290mm2 x 24 Flat Top4.4mm / 5.6mm3.5mm45mmHolzma(postforming)$386.70Add To Cart
52832001N/AN/A320mm2 x 24 Flat Top4.4mm / 5.6mm3.5mm45mmHolzma(postforming)$386.70Add To Cart
52834001N/AN/A340mm2 x 24 Flat Top4.4mm / 5.6mm3.5mm45mmHolzma(postforming)$503.30Add To Cart
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