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1/4" Shank Combination Bevel and Flush Laminate Trim Bits
SKU: R3800
SKU Size Art Area Number of Flutes Cutting Diameter Carbide Height Degree Bevel Shank Diameter Overall Length1 +  
R3800N/AN/A23/8"1/2"231/4"1 1/8"$23.55Add To Cart
R3801N/AN/A23/8"1/2"231/4"1 5/8"$26.40Add To Cart
R3802N/AN/A21/2"1/2"231/4"1 5/8"$23.80Add To Cart
R3803N/AN/A21/2"1/2"301/4"1 5/8"$25.05Add To Cart
R3804N/AN/A21/2"1/2"351/4"1 5/8"$25.35Add To Cart
R3805N/AN/A21/2"1/2"451/4"5/8"$25.35Add To Cart
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