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C4 Grade Micro Grain Mirror Finish
SKU: 300911M
4 Cutting Edges - Face Groove
SKU Size Art Area Length L mm Width W mm Thickness T mm1 +  
300911MN/AN/A9.09.01.5$8.90Add To Cart
301211MN/AN/A12.05.51.1$11.15Add To Cart
301511MN/AN/A15.05.51.1$12.50Add To Cart
302011MN/AN/A20.05.51.1$12.10Add To Cart
302511MN/AN/A25.05.51.1$14.65Add To Cart
303011MN/AN/A30.05.51.1$13.85Add To Cart
303511MN/AN/A35.05.51.1$18.65Add To Cart
304011MN/AN/A40.05.51.1$19.75Add To Cart
304511MN/AN/A45.05.51.1$22.35Add To Cart
305011MN/AN/A50.05.51.1$25.75Add To Cart
306011MN/AN/A60.05.51.1$27.40Add To Cart
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