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Super Tech Corrugated Back Knives
Solid M2 Steel with special coating
Precision ground serrations (60deg. 1.6mm pitch) ensures tight and accurate positioning of knives onto toolheads.

For surface planing and profiling soft and hardwoods.

Benefits of Super Tech Steel:-Up to 10 times longer cutting life
-Superior surface finish
-Increased cutting life dramatically reduces downtime
-Cutting edge is more resistant to knots and exotic woods minimizing edge chipping
-Reduces noise levels due to lower cutting resistance
-Easy to grind using standard grinding wheels normally used for grinding HSS knives
SKU Size Art Area Length Height Thickness1 +  
2611112STN/AN/A25"1-1/2"5/16"$335.75Add To Cart
2611134STN/AN/A25"1-3/4"5/16"$432.70Add To Cart
2611200STN/AN/A25"2"5/16"$431.55Add To Cart
2611212STN/AN/A25"2-1/2"5/16"$466.40Add To Cart
2611214STN/AN/A25"2-1/4"5/16"$455.15Add To Cart
2611234STN/AN/A25"2-3/4"5/16"$537.60Add To Cart
2711200N/AN/A25"2"5/16"$212.90Add To Cart
2711212N/AN/A25"2-1/2"5/16"$242.10Add To Cart
2711214N/AN/A25"2-1/4"5/16"$222.25Add To Cart
2711234N/AN/A25"2-3/4"5/16"$260.60Add To Cart
2711300N/AN/A25"3"5/16"$375.95Add To Cart
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