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Hydro-Bore Planing Heads 16 Teeth
SKU: 192
-High tensile steel body with 16 teeth
-Available with hook angle between 23 deg. and 27 deg.
-With dual-chamber hydro-clamping to ensure precese concentricity tolerance
-High radial running accuracy and low operating vibration

-With HSS knives for planing solid woods without glue lines
-With tungsten carbide tipped knives for planing hardwoods, exotic woods and solid woods with glue lines
-On moulders, conventional or high speed

Other sizes available upon request (please call 425-424-9294)
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Kerf Bore No. Teeth Max. RPM1 +  
1925022-112N/AN/A203mm, 8"150mm, 6"1-1/2"167500$5399.50Add To Cart
1925022-11316N/AN/A203mm, 8"150mm, 6"1-13/16"167500$5399.50Add To Cart
1925022-218N/AN/A203mm, 8"150mm, 6"2-1/8"167500$5399.50Add To Cart
1925022-40N/AN/A203mm, 8"150mm, 6"40mm167500$5399.50Add To Cart
1925022-50N/AN/A163203mm, 8"mm, 6-3/8"150mm, 6"50mm167500$5399.50Add To Cart
1925022-60N/AN/A203mm, 8"150mm, 6"60mm167500$5399.50Add To Cart
1925222-112N/AN/A203mm, 8"230mm, 9"1-1/2"167500$6494.80Add To Cart
1925222-11316N/AN/A203mm, 8"230mm, 9"1-13/16"167500$6494.80Add To Cart
1925222-218N/AN/A203mm, 8"230mm, 9"2-1/8"167500$6494.80Add To Cart
1925222-40N/AN/A203mm, 8"230mm, 9"40mm167500$6494.80Add To Cart
1925222-50N/AN/A203mm, 8"230mm, 9"50mm167500$6494.80Add To Cart
1925222-60N/AN/A203mm, 8"230mm, 9"60mm167500$6494.80Add To Cart
1925422-112N/AN/A203mm, 8"260mm, 10-1/4"1-1/2"167500$6898.30Add To Cart
1925422-11316N/AN/A203mm, 8"260mm, 10-1/4"1-13/16"167500$6898.30Add To Cart
1925422-218N/AN/A203mm, 8"260mm, 10-1/4"2-1/8"167500$6898.30Add To Cart
1925422-40N/AN/A203mm, 8"260mm, 10-1/4"40mm167500$6898.30Add To Cart
1925422-50N/AN/A163203mm, 8"mm, 6-3/8"260mm, 10-1/4"50mm167500$6898.30Add To Cart
1925422-60N/AN/A203mm, 8"260mm, 10-1/4"60mm167500$6898.30Add To Cart
1925622-112N/AN/A203mm, 8"310mm, 12-1/4"1-1/2"167500$8070.50Add To Cart
1925622-11316N/AN/A203mm, 8"310mm, 12-1/4"1-13/16"167500$8070.50Add To Cart
1925622-218N/AN/A203mm, 8"310mm, 12-1/4"2-1/8"167500$8070.50Add To Cart
1925622-40N/AN/A203mm, 8"310mm, 12-1/4"40mm167500$8070.50Add To Cart
1925622-50N/AN/A203mm, 8"310mm, 12-1/4"50mm167500$8070.50Add To Cart
1925622-60N/AN/A203mm, 8"310mm, 12-1/4"60mm167500$8070.50Add To Cart
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