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Replacement Parts
SKU: RD2167
SKU Size Art Area Cutting Diameter Flute Length Bmm Shank Diameter Number of Flutes Overall Length Max. RPM Description Dimensions Tool No.1 +  
RD2167N/AN/A1/2"301/2"13 1/8"24000$279.00Add To Cart
RD2171N/AN/A1/2"501/2"14 3/4"20000$345.80Add To Cart
RD2177N/AN/A5/8"305/8"13 1/8"24000$343.80Add To Cart
RD2180N/AN/A5/8"505/8"14 3/4"20000$380.25Add To Cart
RD2185N/AN/A3/4"303/4"13 1/8"24000$393.90Add To Cart
RD2187N/AN/A3/4"503/4"14 3/4"20000$429.15Add To Cart
303011SN/AN/AKnife30x5.5x1.1RD2167, RD2171$7.50Add To Cart
303022N/AN/AKnife30x12x1.5RD2177,RD2185$10.50Add To Cart
305011SN/AN/AKnife50x5.5x1.1RD2171$8.70Add To Cart
305022N/AN/AKnife50x12x1.5RD2180, RD2187$15.05Add To Cart
W300805N/AN/AGib26x9.5x2.5RD2177$29.50Add To Cart
W300806N/AN/AGib46x9.5x2.5RD2180$75.45Add To Cart
W300905N/AN/AGib26x9.5x3.5RD2185$32.15Add To Cart
W300906N/AN/AGib46x9.5x3.5RD2187$75.45Add To Cart
W400405N/AN/ATorx WrenchT15$14.45Add To Cart
W400406N/AN/ATorx WrenchT8$10.50Add To Cart
W502302N/AN/ATorx ScrewM4x10RD2180$7.35Add To Cart
W502303N/AN/ATorx ScrewM4x12RD2185, RD2187$7.95Add To Cart
W502307N/AN/ATorx ScrewM3x7RD2167, RD2171, RD2177$6.50Add To Cart
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