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Saw Blades For Non-Ferrous Metals - L1B
-Tooth configuration: TCG
-Cutting material: TC
-Expansion slots: Cu plugged

-For splitting and mitre jointing non-ferrous extrusions, thin sheets and light non-ferrous bars
-On mitre joint, splitting, trimming, double cross-cutting and sizing machines
-Material to be cut must be clamped firmly
-Use of spray lubrication recommended

L1B308, L1B358- Pistorius Mitre Saw
L1B351- Makita Mitre Saw (with 25mm arbor)
L1B380- Hitachi Mitre Saw
SKU Size Art Area Diameter Kerf Plate Bore Tooth Shape & Hook Angle1 +  
L1B200N/AN/A8"0.112"0.087"5/8"60$146.80Add To Cart
L1B250N/AN/A10"0.112"0.087"5/8"80$188.25Add To Cart
L1B251N/AN/A10"0.112"0.087"5/8"100$218.85Add To Cart
L1B252N/AN/A10"0.126"0.102"5/8"80$198.00Add To Cart
L1B300N/AN/A12"0.120"0.095"1"100$221.55Add To Cart
L1B301N/AN/A12"0.126"0.102"1"100$257.35Add To Cart
L1B306-30N/AN/A300mm3.2mm2.6mm30mm96$242.70Add To Cart
L1B308N/AN/A12"0.134"0.110"5/8"100$240.60Add To Cart
L1B330-32N/AN/A330mm3.2mm2.5mm32mm100$291.60Add To Cart
L1B350N/AN/A14"0.145"0.118"1"100$271.35Add To Cart
L1B351N/AN/A14"0.122"0.098"25mm100$271.35Add To Cart
L1B353N/AN/A350mm3.3mm2.6mm32mm108$273.85Add To Cart
L1B358N/AN/A14"0.146"0.118"5/8"100$308.55Add To Cart
L1B380N/AN/A15"0.120"0.098"1"100$262.45Add To Cart
L1B400N/AN/A16"0.145"0.118"1"120$347.40Add To Cart
L1B500N/AN/A20"0.174"0.134"1"120$454.20Add To Cart
L1B501N/AN/A500mm4.4mm3.8mm30mm120$603.85Add To Cart
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